Need for a People’s Union (part 2)


The previous article briefly exposed our rigged electoral system(s) and concluded that we, the people, need to form a People’s Union. Here are some further thoughts:

Question: How does this connect with party politics? Answer: It does quite a lot. We need to build a people’s movement, at the bottom, with which to wield power outside our gamed political system. It can form a basis for the people’s power outside of candidate campaigns that come and go and depend on campaign leaders who may collapse or sell out. It can let us circumvent the completely rigged electoral processes we are currently trapped in and which easily kill campaigns. It can push for urgently needed things, something that the build of a new political party would take too long to achieve (for example dealing with our current pandemic-economic crisis which can’t wait for future elections). Despite this (much needed) wielding of power outside of party politics, a people’s union could nevertheless (and probably should) push for the creation of a truly democratic people’s party to represent us governmentally once we have overcome election rigging so that elections can work again. Doing so will probably make sense because the two major parties who have monopolized and rigged the electoral processes are through-and-through corrupt and owned by the rich ruling class and seem remarkably immune against a takeover by the people. Suggested link for this path: The People’s Party – A coalition party for the people. Meanwhile, some people still think they can take over our existing major parties (at least the D-Party) from within. A people’s union could actually greatly strengthen both a new party’s creation and attempted takeover of an existing one by imposing strong pressure on the establishment. Strengthening both would enable an inside-outside strategy making both attempts much more successful since the corrupt gangsters at the top would be pushed from the inside, the outside, and below. Much harder to withstand than an attack from only one direction. 

Question: Why a People’s Union instead of merely building up our much eroded and disappeared labor unions? Answer: Because a gazillion of disconnected unions makes us too splintered when we, the people, have needs and wishes going across work environment borders. We also need need a strong force to challenge Congress and the White House and other top institutions, and a force with which to significantly affect national elections. Furthermore, many labor unions have over time also been corrupted like our political parties. Also, in today’s economy, lots of working age people are either unemployed, underemployed, temporarily employed, splintered over two or three jobs, stuck in a gig economy, working as mere “contractors”, and so forth. All these are situations that dis-empower traditional labor unions. And, last not least, labor unions must of course also be repaired and boosted, and they should be linked in with the people’s union, as well. Having many smaller organizations as well can help protect against dictatorial attacks and corrupting strategies by the oligarchy. Such decentralization is desirable. We however, also need a nationwide strong people organization. That’s where a people’s union would come in. And, unlike a political party, it would not be largely restricted to actions during elections every few years.

Also, in the huge crises swooping over our country, causing huge homelessness, unemployment, poverty, disease, healthcare denial, bankruptcies, cancellation of retirement, disability to deal with pandemics, and so on — all while the rich who cause all this laugh on their way to the bank and claw away our last parcels of ownership from us in order to fully complete the new form of slavery that we are born into and these slave master creeps at the top enjoy — we need to help each other at the bottom with no interference from corrupted governmental institutions and bureaucracies… for sheer survival. And, yes, these direct actions of help also lead to direct connection among us that can let us organize at the bottom and retrieve our stolen people’s power and create a true democracy (from the bottom, not the top!) with an egalitarian philosophy of No Rich and No Poor[1][2] and a Good Life for All.

West Virginia has already given us a hint that connecting at the bottom is powerful. (reported here before)

Let us remember, we Americans (and most peoples I know elsewhere, too) are – for the most part – wonderful people (we Americans often a bit more generous and open-minded and democratically tuned than other cultures, but also in some cases still injected with a crazy delusion of glorified capitalism and demonized anti-capitalism and crazy notions of sex-sex-sex-all-the-time and ‘rugged individualism’ to divert us from our natural human lives and native solidarity and to hide the oligarchy’s abuse of us). But our nation, like the rest of the globe, has been taken over by sociopaths and their psychopathically constructed corporations, mostly working now as a global empire ruled by a global oligarchy (a kind of money aristocracy) with its military base in the States — a military abused time and again to perform state terrorism all over the globe (especially the Middle East and Latin America (and a little longer ago East Asia, as well)). We must not mistake ourselves as the sociopaths who run the show of our nation. We have been completely disenfranchised, our original American Revolution completely undermined and taken over (just like it happened back in the Soviet Union). It is time we revolt again. In the modern age we may manage to do this non-violently (although some violence may once again come from the top). But more modern tools like those our founders had, for example general strikes, may let us change from our Hell on Earth to a Heaven on Earth quite peacefully. It’s definitely worth a try.


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