Quickypinion: Bully Town U.S.A.

As C.A. Matthews of the great weekly blog The Revolution Continues has been saying for quite some time, “We are a society of bullies and scared people kissing up to the bullies (in order to stay alive). How long can we survive under this sociopathic regime before we’ve all gone certifiably insane from its cruelty?”

I hope this view can pull some weight with traditional “conservatives.” After all, kissing up is a lousy version of “personal responsibility,” the odd counter-argument we hear so much from the Republican-owned side of voters and their nose-leading demagogues in the GOP and corporate media (even some neoliberals) whenever they block our efforts to form a posse with which to topple the ruling bullies. 

I often think of our U.S. society as a western town in a Wild West movie — a town that has been taken over by a gang of bandits who own the judge and sheriff and most of the lands, water, and other assets, using them to turn all the townspeople into virtual slaves, ripped off, gouged, intimidated, and kissing-up.

Unlike the movies, reality has no good-hearted, superior gunslingers who ride in to shoot all the bandits dead. We only have an occasional brave politician like Bernie Sanders who speaks truth to power and sticks out his neck running for office. Unlike the movies, reality needs us to do most of the fighting. We can’t sit back and let the western hero do it all for us. We must form a posse.

First, however, we must cure ourselves from our but-kissing mentality. The goons who gouge us from the top and even murder us for their profit are NOT heroes! They did NOT earn their wealth (loot is never earned)! They are NOT admirable for their success in CRIME against us! They are NOT our legitimate “leaders!” And the plutocrats among them (the “owners” of our country who are usually hidden behind their bought-off politicians), the robber billionaires as I like to call them, are NOT “job creators.” The market is the job creator. Our economic aristocrats only “create” jobs when there is enough demand for “their” companies’ products and services. This demand only creates supply (and jobs) when we, who have needs, also have the money to pay for them, though. However, in our current bully town, where the bullies at the top lay us off in droves and cut our salaries and benefits, along with offshoring our jobs or replacing us with machines, we are denied that money. Then we can’t buy. Then our demand does NOT translate into more supply and more jobs. So, the robber billionaires are NOT job creators. They are job destroyers, along with their bought politicians who make it all possible through their betrayal of us.

How can anyone think of these goons as worthy kissing up to?

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2 thoughts on “Quickypinion: Bully Town U.S.A.

  1. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would kiss up to the sociopaths currently in power. Some people have little dignity, or they feel if they kiss the right backside one day, they’ll become a part of the “robber billionaire brigade.” Yeah, that’s my new name for the 1%. It fits.


  2. It’s part of the society we live in. It conditions us from early childhood to live by a mentality of serfs — grunts, peons, subjects to be lorded over by teachers, employers, landlords, bankers, government authorities, and the like. We internalize a sense of dependency on the more highly placed to whom we must constantly justify our right to exist. We even accept the notion that the land on which we walk belongs to others, and that we therefore must pay them or work for them for the right to have ground under our feet and a roof over the head which we might build ourselves, like in the old days, if all he land didn’t allegedly “belong” to someone else.

    Contrast this with the original way of human life, our Native Americans, for instance, to whom concepts like land ownership and employment were a total enigma. These concepts are fairly recent inventions by bullies such as slave holders and “patrons” who, over time, got ever more sophisticated with their pretexts for doing what they do to the rest of us. Our serf mentality is like a poison pervading our current civilization.


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