Trump’s Arpaio Pardon: Far More than Meets the Eye (the things the MSM didn’t tell you)

Of course you have heard the profuse allegations of Trump’s white supremacy links in connection with his pardon of Joe Arpaio, the Texas sheriff found guilty, among other things, of racial profiling — a shocker that came right after Trump defended the murderer of Charlottesville by blaming both sides: the violent supremacists and the peaceful protesters. We sure heard a lot of pumped-up outrage about it. But, honestly, both Trump’s flirting with white supremacists and the attempt of his political opponents to turn it to their political advantage, are nothing new. I’d never bother to write a whole article about them. The deeper meanings and connections I am going to share with you today, however, might be new to you and of much greater significance than the pardoning of one bad guy. There is indeed a lot more here than meets the eye. So, keep reading…  

You see, if you dig a little through law enforcement scandals, you find a lot more than racist wrongs. In the investigation, Joe Arpaio and his police department were found guilty of far more than racist profiling. And you find more of the same when you dig into the dirt on the Ferguson Police Department in Missouri. Yes, that’s right: the one that made the headlines a few years ago after the fatal shooting of African-American Michael Brown by a white police officer on August 9, 2014, and the civil unrest that followed.

As usual, the media went overboard playing up the racial issues which are meant to divide us while they kept rather silent about the deep levels of corruption uncovered that affect us all regardless of race, the thing we must join to defeat together, regardless of race, to build a society in which we can all live good lives, regardless of race!

If you look up the Justice Department investigation of Ferguson on Wikipedia, for example, the top items on the list of results are:

  1. The city’s practices were shaped by revenue rather than by public safety needs.
  2. A single missed, late, or partial payment of a fine could mean jail time.
  3. Arrest warrants were “almost exclusively” used as threats to push for payments.

So, what the Ferguson Police Department did (and many police departments do all over the country today) is to extort the population by treating law-abiding citizens like criminals for violations of administrative codes — codes often wantonly created precisely for extortion of the citizenry.

It is only after these three items that racial targeting enters the picture on the Wikipedia report. Spicing wholesale corruption with a bit of racism is the perfect way for crooks to distract us from their main activities when the media and politicians begin to take a look.

You see, what we are looking at here, is yet another part and parcel of the overall rigging of our politics and economy, the whole national, state, and municipal systems against the entire American People (not just one skin color over another). We are all getting screwed. And too many of us still don’t see the whole picture.

What has happened is that the old, traditional, industrial capitalism which funneled wealth to the top primarily by swiping fat cuts for the rich from the paychecks of workers has been supplemented, and often even replaced, by a financialization and bureaucratization scheme which creates wealth from pure gambling and price hiking of financial assets and ties government and the business empires of the robber billionaires (for example the banks they own) together into one single rip-off organization.

Let’s follow the money. What did the Ferguson Police Department collect those staggering revenues for? To make the bank payments on Ferguson’s municipal debt! That’s what!

So, in this case, the robber billionaire scheme works like this: the banksters write the regulatory rules and bribe the politicians in government to turn them into law and government regulations, government’s law enforcement then enforces them and mightily helps ripping off citizens with penalties and fees beyond those the banks themselves can collect, and then it uses this blood money to pay banksters for the loans which should never have been necessary in the first place.

So, if you, like me, have fallen into traffic traps before where the local police was running a racket, say by stationing a police officer 24/7 behind a well-hidden street sign to hand out $200 tickets for anyone who doesn’t see it, or when they place cameras at intersections, allegedly only to catch speeding drivers or people who run red lights, but then they reprogram them in order to fine folks $75 a piece when they invisibly disallowed right turns or have the audacity to wait a fraction of a second less than the arbitrarily ordained wait-time to check for totally absent cross-traffic at a stop sign, it’s not some random mishandling by our law enforcement system or municipal administration. It’s part of a greater scheme to turn us all into serfs for our money aristocracy and keep squeezing us to the last drop of blood.

So, when Trump who lied about draining the swamp and, upon assuming office, immediately turned the White House into a branch of Goldman Sachs, pardoned a corrupt sheriff, he not only gave a wink to his beloved white supremacists, he also proceeded to simply do what all the corrupt presidents since the seventies have done: protect the money aristocracy and its schemes. And, yes, our “justice system” has long ago been tied into this scheme. (our corrupt Supreme Court “Justices” legalizing money in politics is a prime example)

There is a good 2015 article on this topic for your further reading (for instance, the degree to which banks today make profits from fess and fines is staggering): Ferguson and the Criminalization of American Life

To conclude, we nowadays are being squeezed by banking fees and fines, as well as law enforcement fees and fines, which all go to the make the banksters richer. Things like these are the reason why we must join forces across all social and political divides to fight the establishment politicians and robber billionaires as they are corrupting the government and economy that should serve us all, not them alone at our expense.

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4 thoughts on “Trump’s Arpaio Pardon: Far More than Meets the Eye (the things the MSM didn’t tell you)

  1. I’ve been caught in one of those “revenue creating” schemes in a little town just to the east of us. It’s known throughout the state as the biggest speed trap of all time. I had to help their municipal budget by giving them $100 of my money to get out of the ticket, too. Sigh.


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