The Smooth Way Out of Capitalism

When the rules of a game are bad, the obvious thing to do is to change the rules. Many people today realize that capitalism is working against them but aren’t sure what to do about it while others are still wavering in doubt. Let’s take a closer look then and discover a simple solution that would leave the markets intact but remove their oligarchs and our systemic corruption, harm, and suffering; healing our economy, democracy, and lives.  

Early capitalists at times acted with good intentions, such as bringing a source of livelihood to poor city neighborhoods or simply to escape poverty and subjugation themselves. In the age when people were rising up against feudalism, capitalism was the new kid on the block and looked like a far better alternative. None of that “blue blood” nonsense. No rigid caste system based on alleged “divine right” nor the “ownership” of usurped communal lands. And, as an added bonus, it included the pipe dream of “upward mobility” (always restricted to an incredibly lucky very few, of course; thus helping hardly anybody).

However, as so often, sociopaths who yearn to dominate, commandeer, exploit, and abuse their fellow human beings, soon discovered that they could subvert the new system thanks to its main flaw: the fact that a small number of folks “owning” the lion’s share of all capital get to make all the decisions that control everybody else’s lives. And before long, we – the people of Earth – had once again an aristocracy lording it over us, this time not through blue blood and the tip of a sword but through control of capital and the flow of money.

The new aristocrats (A.K.A. moneycrats, a.k.a. plutocrats) get to decide who gets how much of the money in exchange for exactly what services, or who gets it denied altogether to eliminate those who don’t agree with this slimy scheme. And all misdeeds can be blamed on the “market forces” just as previously on gods and demons. Ancient slavery chains forged from iron have been replaced by far more indestructible chains of money that we must constantly seek to survive. And the control apparatus built by the moneycrats can run by itself requiring little to no effort by them while they live their luxury vacation lives from the cradle to the grave. The mechanism is programmed to maximize the profits for the parasitic rich while diminishing pay for work in order for capitalists to beat any competition. It is fueled by the need for money and greed which makes the vast majority of participants in this type of an economy bow to the top and kick downwards. Managers live comfy material lives and bathe in status while they gouge the workers below them on behalf of the money aristocrats above. A perfectly self-running system, except it isn’t perfect for the mass of people nor the life on our planet it keeps destroying.

To gain our freedom, we must once again revolt. This may sound scary. There is a good side to this though besides merely getting better lives at the end of the effort. Namely, we can wield a peaceful but strong weapon that already exists and can bring us the desirable change without risk of instability or the horror of bloodshed. A weapon by which to break the unbreakable chains of money. One that has already been in place for generations: taxes. Yes, taxes. Taxes done right instead of wrong as currently.

In the new revolution, we don’t need to lop off heads who tell us to eat cake when we can no longer afford bread. No. We merely need to restructure our tax system: tax only those on their income who exceed the median income (so half of us wouldn’t have to pay an income tax at all), and even more importantly: tax away the privileged control over capital from the few by simply applying an opulence-capping wealth tax to replace our current ridiculous property tax.

Nobody should ever be taxed for owning their home. But those who own our lives by owning our workplaces and those who extract rents from us by possessing apartment complexes, banks, Internet access, toll roads, and so forth, they should have those improper “property” taxed away from them into the ownership of our Social Security institutions, thus turning the massive flow of money derived from asset-dividends away from their current direction into the vaults of the ultra rich into the bank accounts (public rather than private bank accounts, I suggest!) of all of us, of the entire people, of the rightful owners of our nation. Yes, us being the owners of our nation. No more billionaires as the impostor owners of our nation! We, the people, rightfully own our nation and its economy and money. Let’s take this stolen wealth and prosperity back by taxing correctly.

Simple procedure, really, if you think about it. And without the spilling of blood or a risky upturning of our economy. And by doing so, we can eliminate the source of all that evil big money in politics, pulling it out at the root.

The proper new tax system would put a cap on excessive income and obscenely wealthy ownership, so that no-one could ever be rich enough again to bribe judges, lawmakers, governors, or presidents. At the same time, it would return that massive amount of stolen prosperity to the entire people and thereby eliminate poverty. This strategy is the killing of two troublesome birds with one slick stone.

Imagine the much more just, peaceful, and prosperous life for us all, with the prospect of refocusing from desperate acts taken for financial survival, from fighting among each other over shabby scraps, and from spending our entire lives in treadmills, to taking care of ourselves and our families and communities, enjoying life with friends and family, enjoying hobbies and passions, even vacations (yes, my dear reader, if you belong to the privileged upper 20 or so percent, it may hit you as a surprise that most us have been denied vacations most or all our lives, having to find new jobs instead after yet another lay-off or drowning under our bills for basic survival). We could effectively refocus on working to make our world better, for instance by figuring out how to cure terrible diseases who currently torment us and our suffering relatives in our advanced years, and how to stop destroying life and livability on our planet.

Think about it. You may agree. Then let’s set this as our ultimate goal and work towards it putting pressure on government officials, the legislature, political candidates and parties, locally, state-wide, and federally, never losing sight of the ultimate goal lest we lose our way in tribalist party politics, horse-race-betting-style and celebrity politics, or the establishment media’s hoaxes like Iraqi weapons of mass destruction justifying a U.S. invasion in the Middle East (a war for oil), U.S.-intervention-created terrorism justifying torture and the abandonment of our Bill of Rights, overblown or even faked Russian meddling in our already self-destroyed democracy and highly flawed elections, tiny Venezuela being declared a “national threat” to justify U.S. sanctions and coup attempts on behalf of our fossil fuel oligarchs, or blaming a tiny percentage of our population that are undocumented immigrants and on the poor and therefore weak side of society for the closing of GE car manufacturing plants, the shipping of our jobs to cheap labor countries, for replacing us in our jobs with robots and artificial intelligence turning us out on the street uncompensated, and so forth… all decisions made by the rich oligarchs who we must tax out of existence to free us from the money aristocracy, its Big Money in politics, and the poverty, suffering, insane environmental destruction, and pervasive corruption that our current system of a greed-and-privilege-based steep hierarchy automatically creates.

Tax the rich out of existence and use the recovered stolen prosperity (which is at the root of the elite’s corruption and all our suffering) to end poverty and economic despair in our country and eventually the world. We Americans can do it. We have accomplished big things before. Let’s do it.

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Here’s why capitalism SUCKS! – and why it needs to end!

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2 thoughts on “The Smooth Way Out of Capitalism

  1. “Tax the rich out of existence and use the recovered stolen prosperity (which is at the root of the elite’s corruption and all our suffering) to end poverty and economic despair in our country and eventually the world. We Americans can do it. We have accomplished big things before. Let’s do it. ”

    Agreed. Let’s get off our backside and get this going, We the People!


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