Truthful News Weekend 2022-12-10 – Great Insights (16 videos)

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Summary: Useful insights on empire, revolution, and Marx, plus our American People’s Party! Also a painful Wednesday in Peru and Germany (right-wing coup success and attempt).

Stars and channels: Chris Hedges Fan, Democracy At Work (Richard Wolff), Graham Elwood, Caleb Maupin (with Nick Brana), New Economic Thinking, The Jimmy Dore Show, The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (with Julia Black), DW News, Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman with Javier Puente), FRANCE 24 English


  1. Empire Decline and Revolution Tips ***
  2. Economic Update: Capitalism’s Constant Instability **
  3. So Many of us Too Stressed To Function ***
  4. What Karl Marx Was *
  5. Nick Brana Interview (of the punched out(?) People’s Party) ***
  6. Austerity Analyst Saying it was Invented to Control us More Strongly
  7. China Protests Update (corrections)
  8. Case of People-Tracking in California
  9. Insanities of ‘Elites’
  10. Strange Change (in mass media dealing with Assange)
  11. World: Right-Wing Corporatist Coup in Peru (again!)
  12. World: Fascist Coup Attempt in Germany Caught this Wednesday

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1. Empire Decline and Revolution Tips ***

Good infos given a few years ago by Chris Hedges.

Chris Hedges | American PERVERSION ~ Chris Hedges Fan Club (Nov 14, 2022)

2. Economic Update: Capitalism’s Constant Instability **

Twitter-Musk scandals, the dishonest justification of profit for the rich as an alleged return to risk while ignoring the bigger risks of the workers, mass European union-led strikes (and why much less still in the U.S.?), economic crisis of 54 poorest nations today, 30th UN vote against US embargo (= sanctions) against innocent Cuba, and an analysis of crypto-currency collapse pointing at the long history of capitalism’s profit-driven hustles.

Economic Update: Instability – Capitalism’s Constant ~ Democracy At Work (Dec 5, 2022)

3. So Many of us Too Stressed To Function ***

And both R & D Parties utterly cheating us. And if the presidential election in 2024 would be Biden vs Trump, 59% of asked Americans declared they would vote for a independents or third party candidates.

Why 46% Under 35 Too Stressed To Function ~ Graham Elwood (Dec 7, 2022)

4. What Karl Marx Was *

Sadly this guy babbles sometimes a little vaguely, e.g. a bit unclear where exactly Marx lived at what times; but on the whole he gives intense insights that most people have missed. So, listening to this you may gain appreciation for Marx. I have set this to start at 7:08 where the details finally start.

Karl Marx was an activist, read him in struggle ~ Caleb Maupin (Nov 17, 2022)

5. Nick Brana Interview (of the punched out(?) People’s Party) ***

You get to hear criticizing/exposing of (co-opted?) Bernie Sanders as a fake-progressive (and Trump likewise of his dishonest promises during his 2016 campaign). After a slow start, the interview becomes really neat around 20:35 starting with describing the fraudulent DNC Convention of 2016! This then is followed with talk about Jimmy Dore’s Force the Vote strategy in December of 2020 swept away by the synthetic left, and then comes the describing of Bernie Sanders’ shutting down his powerful organizing infrastructure. And then some talk about the current People’s Party (creating a charter and bylaws for its national committee) plus methods for change-making from grassroots. If only there were returning weekly People’s Party chats or such for the sprouting party to still look alive after the (questionable!) smears of Nick Brana and the sprouting People’s Party used this year by the oligarchy.

Caleb chats with Nick Brana, founder of the Peoples Party ~ Caleb Maupin (Nov 9, 2022)

Funny comment given in the video chat: “Bernie is Judas. Nick is Jesus.”

Another comment given there: “Thank you Nick for speaking for We the People.”

6. Austerity Analyst Saying it was Invented to Control us More Strongly

It might be good if Richard Wolff read that book and – if he found it good – then gave her an interview (in which he could make her understood better by common people despite some of her specialist vocabularies)

How Economists Invented Austerity & Paved the Way to Fascism ~ New Economic Thinking (Oct 12, 2022)

7. China Protests Update (corrections)

Is Media Lying About China COVID Protests? ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 4, 2022)

8. Case of People-Tracking in California

… on COVID vaccination. Also mentioned are digital passports.

CA Now Sharing Vaxx Recipients’ Medical Data w/ Consulting Firm ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 4, 2022)

9. Insanities of ‘Elites’

Natalism & eugenics. Based on them thinking that they are superior (Monopoly winners) and everyone else minor and best to get rid of.

Julia Black on Eugenics Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous ~ The Zero Hour with RJ Eskow (Dec 6, 2022)

10. Strange Change (in mass media dealing with Assange)

Rachel Maddow & Tucker Carlson Agree: Free Assange! ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 9, 2022)

11. World: Right-Wing Corporatist Coup in Peru (again!)

The (allegedly) leftist President of Peru (who was elected!) has this Wednesday been arrested and removed. This report on the Jimmy Dore Show being not very clear and/or precise; but better than no news at all. Some interesting comments were given by listeners and are quoted below.

Peru’s Leftist President ARRESTED In “Legislative Coup” ~ The Jimmy Dore Show (Dec 8, 2022)

Comments given by viewer:

  • “As a Peruvian leftist, I can tell you Jimmy that this information isn’t too precise. But thanks for covering it anyway.”
  • “I’m from Peru. The situation is more complex than news told. Since first day, Castillo started to lose powers from the Congress and other institutions. His government was very weak and Armed Forces promised him if he made a coup he would be supported, but at the moment he made the speech immediately all the forces were waiting to arrest him.”
  • “Peruvian here… The problem is way more complicated than that… Besides there’s not a single word about this Castillo guy being involved in corruption and given Peruvian money to all his relatives…” — Response from me: Whether true or not, in my experience these accusations are always made in Peru. (and quite likely in all Latin America)
  • “The local oligarchy from Lima will never forgive that an Indigenous grassroots schoolteacher was the President. The racism is rampant in this South American country where Andean indigenous people and black “chalacos” from Lima’s port Callao, are looked down upon. His 16-month administration was marred with an uncooperative oligarchic Congress which would turn down every progressive bill Castillo presented. His highly qualified ministers were continuously summoned to the Congress, which would dig into their past and questioned them, demanding their resignation. Perhaps Castillo jumped the gun. But in the people’s eyes that was the last thing he could do. Many were demanding this from the very beginning. But in his mild, well-mannered schoolteacher’s way he always tried to build consensus with those who actually despised him.”
  • “Global capitalists unite! We must stomp out socialism, communism, populism, leftist thought. We must protect our wealth. We must protect our power. We must keep the unwashed masses in check. We know what’s best for them: austerity, obedience, acceptance.”

Part 2:

Report on this by the German “Deutsche Welle”. According to it, he was arrested as soon as he tried to dissolve the parliament before it’s planned impeachment vote the same day. Many in the news claim him to be a criminal. But, let’s also keep in mind that he was elected president 17 months ago by the nation’s voters’ majority. And his continuing supporters point out that he was made practically incapable of presidency work by constant attacks on him by 5 cabinets, 6 criminal investigations, and 2 earlier failed(!) impeachment attempts. Is his defense attempt of getting this parliament newly re-elected in this situation really a bad thing? I wonder.

Peru’s president Castillo ousted over ‘coup’ bid | DW News (Dec 8, 2022)

Comments given by viewers:

  • “He is from a native group. Acceptance by “certain groups” was a problem from the time he was elected. To get rid of him they engineered “long stories” to discredit him.”
  • “If the media slants the events one way, people should resist and possibly support the other view.”
  • In Peru the constitution allows for executive dismissal of parliament by the president with its re-election within 4 months; and in the past it has been done before. (this line is a summary from me of a lengthy conversation in the comments)

Part 3:

Some soso insights and quite a bunch of details of decades of extreme political corruption in Peru (to enrich the rich and keep the colonial-racist “elites” in power):

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo Is Ousted & Arrested in Latest Episode of Peru’s “Enduring Crisis” ~ Democracy Now! (Amy Goodman with Javier Puente, Dec 8, 2022)

Comments given:

  • “The Peruvian economy has been stagnant for a while after the economic recovery boom of 2004-2009. The elites in Lima, Peru are becoming impatient about this situation. Peru mainly exports metals which rely mostly on foreign investment coming from foreign corporations. Several mining projects have been halted due to environmental concerns and opposition by Andean communities. The central government and the regional governments have funds to spend coming from the mining royalties but they are incapable of investing those funds in the development of the Peruvian people. Big public infrastructure projects are usually delayed and many times are surrounded by corruption scandals. The Peruvian government does not have the organization to provide the Peruvian people with basic services. Peru is an extremely unequal country. More than half of the population works for cash because they do not have the skills to access good jobs or to start non marginal businesses. The Congress is comprised by groups that do not have any political base and they represent special interests. President Castillo had no clue how to govern and he lacked any practical or academic credentials in public policies. Besides, Peruvians of European and Asian descent from Lima do not like to take orders from an indigenous leader and they see these leaders as a threat. This situation is a pity because Peruvians are very hardworking people and the country is very wealthy in natural resources but it will take a huge effort from the Peruvian political class and a great leader to transform Peru into a more developed country with a more sustainable growth into the future.”
  • “The congress have been attempting a legislative coup since he was ELECTED by the people. The Peruvian congress can basically impeach a president whenever they want on the grounds of ‘moral deficiency’ which is a vague and meaningless term, yet every headline I see regarding this topic makes it seem like Castillo was some sort of dictator which is hilarious and absurd!”

12. World: Fascist Coup Attempt in Germany Caught this Wednesday

Democracy under threat? Germany shaken by far-right plot | DW News


  • Wednesday morning, 25 arrested, 27 more suspects, over a 100 sites (130+ I heard from Al Jazeera) checked, several states, and some abroad; thousands of crimes committed over the last several years by “Reichsbürger” members.
  • News on this issue regularly claim that the coup-planners had not yet picked a date for their coup attempt. (it not being clear, though, if some base of them has been missed)
  • It’s been a bit scary, but at least this gang was caught early, apparently. Also likely that the German people would resist such an overtake strong enough.

Part 2:

25 arrested, 27 more suspects, 11 states, and some abroad details

3000 police officers deployed in raids over plot to overthrow German government | DW News (Dec 7, 2022)

Part 3:

More info on the neo-nazi “Reichsbürger”:

Germany: 25 arrested on suspicion of planning armed coup • FRANCE 24 English (Dec 7, 2022)

Honorable Mention:

German fraud trial of a CEO and two former executives supposedly having cheating lenders out of $3.1 billion: Why so many questions remain unanswered in Germany’s largest financial scandal | DW News (Dec 8, 2022) Comment given: “The whole world full of these scammers.”


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5 thoughts on “Truthful News Weekend 2022-12-10 – Great Insights (16 videos)

    1. Having squeezed a little time in for this, I currently found two articles there about the recent Peru coup d’etat. Here are the links and some small quotes:

      “Hoping to stop the coup, Castillo responded by trying to dissolve the congress. This is allowed in cases of obstructionism by article 134 of Peru’s constitution.”

      “And obviously what they came out to say is that it was a coup d’etat, and they were talking about a dictatorship, but, I mean, Castillo didn’t even appear with a military when he decided to close the congress.

      And then the really complex thing is that, when the congress impeached him and they kicked him out of the government, the congress was already closed. They were working absolutely illegally.

      Yeah, it’s almost comical in a way to see people accuse him of being a dictator when Castillo was clearly impeded in every single way.

      He had no control over the political system and the congress, no control over the elite economic groups, the big corporations and oligarchs, no control over the media, which constantly attacked him every day, 24/7, and certainly no control over the military and police, which arrested him!

      So this would be the weakest ‘dictator’ ever.”

      Conclusion: So, in these articles it becomes pretty obvious that the claims we hear in mass media are actually upside down. Castillo was no dictator. And he followed the constitution while his right-wing oligarchic enemies did not.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yeah, the mainstream media is quick to put out the “official narrative” of the US War Machine rather than explain what’s actually happening. The thousands of Peruvian workers in the street should tell you what you need to know about the situation and whose side those that overthrew Castillo are on, but of course the mainstream media isn’t going to report on the protests in Peru, are they?

    Liked by 1 person

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