The Deportations Are Only for Show — Take a Second to Dig Deeper


These days, so-called illegal immigration and mass deportations have been added to the growing hysteria marking the United States of Agony. Emotions are running high for good reason, but logical thinking is getting kicked into the ditch at the same time, as I will point out three paragraphs below. First, though, a look at the pandemonium:  

Many American working families, especially those at the lower end of professional education, are struggling hard to survive and seek for answers about the reasons behind their troubles. One provided by the establishment is “illegal” immigration, or simply immigration of any kind, including by refugees. According to a recent CBS poll (can CBS be trusted?), most Americans want “illegal” “alien” families either deported or detained. (I guess, they are “alien” because of green skin and antennas on their heads and “criminal” or “illegal” for disobeying immigration formalities that American immigrants in the past didn’t have to bother with. Makes total sense, right?)

How come that so many Americans support this (if it’s true)? I suppose that the utter cruelty of being dragged out of your home and deported into another country, losing your job and your friend connections, having your family torn apart, having children separated from their parents and spouses from each other, having your studies or professional development interrupted or ended, having your past thrown into the trash and your future destroyed, and having your household dissolved (everything you accumulated in your life), is hard to understand in its full scope if one hasn’t been subjected to it oneself. I suppose that many of those people who answered the poll in support of this haven’t thought matters through and aren’t aware of all the ramifications including the damage done to mixed families. People who grew up here or lived all their adult years in our country working and paying taxes, marrying, and founding families are ripped from their lives and communities. This is no small thing, especially when it affects thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of people.

As for those who are not just ignorant of the scope of violence conducted in our names but who are actually lustfully drooling over and chafing to commit more mass deportations; I feel we might be better off deporting them, as we hardly need people with such a cruel spirit in our midst. In addition to being cruel, they are unthinkingly irrational and mindlessly complicit with those who have been ruining our country and continue to steal our future, namely the robber billionaires and their millionaire minions who buy up our government, undermine our democracy, send our jobs overseas, and bring in immigrant workers in order to slash our wages ever more while putting the blame for all the trouble they make on those immigrants they exploit alongside us.

Thinking about mass immigration logically, on the other hand, the proper way to deal with immigration-related job competition and wage depression is to punish employers who blatantly break the law by employing undocumented immigrants. It solves nothing to persecute immigrants, documented or not, who are just people like you and me trying to survive in a rigged world economy. Think about it. If our reckless employers were held accountable to the law, the motivation for sneaking into the U.S. undocumented to find a job would evaporate.

If this doesn’t instantly turn on a light bulb in your mind, give yourself a minute to mull it over.

You got it? People in need of jobs wouldn’t leave their homes and sneak across the border of a country that won’t employ them. It’s that simple. There also is a foreign policy aspect to mass immigration that I wrote about before, having to do with not ruining lives and livelihoods abroad, but frankly when it comes to policing within our borders, the rational and effective thing to do is to enforce employment laws on the employers who draw these immigrants in, not push the immigrants back and forth on the chessboard. If ICE were to do a useful job, it would go after those law-breaking employers.

Instead of asking for the logical solution, however, millions of Americans have allowed themselves to have their brains twisted and their fury diverted against the weakest links in the chain, poor desperate undocumented immigrant workers who can be abused and deported by the millions to satisfy those unthinking Americans because the deported are easily replaced by fresh immigrants and returners streaming in through the border thus keeping our unscrupulous employers afloat in a sea of cheap labor they ask their bought politicians to not take away from them. This is why ICE was brought into existence, to pretend dealing with an alleged immigration problem, not to do actually affect it.

In other words, all the cruel deporting and ripping apart of families is nothing but a dog-and-pony show to appease American working people who are rightfully frustrated and infuriated over getting stripped of a chance at a good life by our oligarchs. This spectacle is performed by our bought and paid for government institutions while leaving the dark machinations of the oligarchs who are behind our depredation untouched. We would be a thousand times better off if we deported those oligarchs and their political henchmen instead. How about a law forbidding billionaires in the U.S.? Like this: If you become ridiculously rich you have to leave or share with your fellow Americans from whom you took away too much. Sounds weird, I know. But I suspect it would do a lot more for us than beating up on poor immigrants. I’d rather consider such radical ideas than continue with pointless cruelty.

What has become of our country? Our founders showed King George and his henchmen the middle finger and dethroned them as far as their influence in our nation was concerned. And now many of our founders’ descendent’s in our long-standing immigrant nation let themselves be tricked by today’s kings and henchmen to demonize and victimize the latest immigrants instead, not to mention lots of mixed families, while letting the true culprits of our depredation get off scot-free. Have we become a nation of bootlicking idiots?

We should at once put a stop to this circus and start working on measures that would really improve our lives and country. Things like getting money out of politics; stopping our incredibly expensive and destructive military terrorism; creating healthcare for all, as well as free education and federally funded useful jobs which the private market won’t create; restoring the millions of empty homes for habitation; and last – but not least – redirecting the unbelievably huge unearned money flow from the super-rich to every citizen, thus giving us all a leg up. We have real work to do for real solutions, but we won’t get around to it as long as we fall for the bread and games tactic from the top.


Ending Note: It takes me at least 100 hours of spare time each month to research and write news updates and analyses and work on my book. Please widely share links to these articles, so this work is not for naught. You can also help in other ways (including much needed financial support). Only together can we change this messed-up world. Let’s do it! 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Deportations Are Only for Show — Take a Second to Dig Deeper

  1. “We would be a thousand times better off if we deported those oligarchs and their political henchmen instead. How about a law forbidding billionaires in the U.S.? Like this: If you become ridiculously rich you have to leave or share with your fellow Americans from whom you took away too much. ”

    This. Can we enact this? It would go a long way to fixing inequality in this country.

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    1. One way to do this, to some small degree, is the estate tax. Even Bill Gates’ father (and I think Bill himself) are in favor, acknowledging that nobody with high wealth and income got there by themselves, society helped; they owe something back. Whether one is born into a family that had advantages, or one is the first generation, helped by schools, corporations, etc., nobody does it entirely alone. Sadly, too many states are reducing/eliminating estate taxes despite the need for these funds for infrastructure, pensions, education, etc.

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