Medicare for All Instead of Trump’s Unaffordable WEALTH Care Act

The bill H.R. 676, introduced 2003 by Representative John Conyers (D-MI), had 49 cosponsors in 2015 (38 current) but was never debated to date. It would expand Medicare to the non-elderly so as to provide universal coverage, allow all individuals to select their own physicians, and expand Medicare’s 80% coverage of costs to 100%. The bill would create a single-payer system, with Medicare replacing the 1,300 private insurance companies currently plundering us. It would reduce net costs between $100 and $350 billion annually, based on various estimates.

Critics deplore it as a “government takeover of health insurance.” People, who haven’t been brainwashed by decades of plutocrat propaganda, realize it would be no different than government-run parks, police, fire departments, or military defense — all things best handled by a government accountable to the people than by profit-seeking leeches whose goal always is to take as much money as possible and deliver as little as possible in return.

It’s really a no-brainer. We need to push for wide support of it. A variant would seem to be Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All proposal. It took a progressive candidate speaking out on the issues which move us all (Bernie Sanders) to get the idea on the table of our public discourse. Now we must keep pushing for it until we get it.

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10 thoughts on “Medicare for All Instead of Trump’s Unaffordable WEALTH Care Act

  1. It’s time for Medicare for All. We’ve go to keep the pressure up on the corporate Dems and moderate Republicans to help Bernie and Rep. Conyers to get it passed. THEN we’ve got to convince Drumpf not to veto it. It will be tough, but we’re up for it.


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